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Behind the rebrand

August 18, 2020

A new name. A new purpose.

A nucleus. It’s the positively charged center core of any atom —the building block of, well, everything. In a cell it contains all our genetic material and is the catalyst needed to make life work.

Having started our business as Rock Solid Retail years ago, we have grown to evolve our solutions to numerous types of retail software: automated shelf planning, deductions management, and analytics. Our tools not only save you time and money, they amplify your capabilities which propel your company forward to build stronger partnerships and generate greater revenue.

“Our new name and brand represent not only the excitement and energy that comes from an atom but the connectivity of the central piece. Our logo is representative of the shape of a nucleus, it's motion, our people, technology and partnership, and the scientific abbreviation for a nucleus itself.”

Meet Nuqleous. Our new name. Same steadfast commitment to retail, with a renewed focus on the core of your business: planning, execution and results. I’m excited to introduce this new name to you, and we’re pleased to have you check out our new site.

Because you can’t have explosive growth without the energy behind it. That’s where we come in. Nuqleous. Retail Intelligence.

Paul Sims,
CEO, Nuqleous

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