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Deductions Management

Automated Deduction Management for Increased Margins

Deduction claims present a unique challenge. You need to protect your bottom line, but you also want to preserve your retailer relationships. Streamline™ delivers fact-based findings to support your deduction claims, reducing the potential for misunderstanding or disputes. Developed in collaboration with retail industry experts, our innovative deduction management software gathers data from multiple sources and triangulates it to automatically validate your company’s deductions, freeing your team to focus time on other value-added activities.

Streamline Features

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Improve Your Deduction Validation Process

Streamline’s automated validation process delivers the data to defend your deduction claims.

Fact-Based Data

By giving you the information to make fact-based deduction claims, Streamline mitigates the risk of litigation, preserves your professional relationships, and strengthens your negotiation strategy.

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Proactive Analysis

In addition to gathering and validating claim data, Streamline analyzes your deduction management process, highlights missed opportunities, and identifies areas for improvement.

See Streamline in action: Analysis

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Enhanced Planning

As Streamline reviews your data, its analytics engine uncovers deduction patterns and verifies those that are correct. This valuable intel allows you to address the root cause of those claims and prevent them from reoccurring.

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Transformed Presentation

When it comes to sharing your insights, your data is only as good as your presentation. Streamline collects claim details, order entry information, and supplier information and presents it all in a searchable, shareable, and digestible format.

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Ready to evolve your deduction management?

Streamline’s automated validation process delivers the data to defend your deduction claims.

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With intuitive design and easy-to-use automation, Streamline transforms your deductions management process from the very first use. If you’re ready to dive deeper and learn how Streamline can help you accurately validate claims and identify areas for improvement, visit Learning HQ today!

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