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    Planogram Automation with

    How Swire Coca-Cola Leveraged Shelf IQ® to Elevate Planogram Precision and Boost Operational Speed

    "Shelf IQ has not only saved us time but has also improved our confidence in the work we do. The ongoing...

    T. Marzetti Company: How Space Planning Automation Advances Category Management

    The T. Marzetti Company When Teresa Marzetti opened her restaurant in Columbus, OH, in 1896, she was known...

    Transforming Space Planning Store-Specific Planograms with Shelf IQ®

    Facing Challenges with Traditional Space Planning Tools? Discover how a leading CPG brand, in partnership...

    Heading 1

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    Working Smarter with

    Fruit of the Earth: Insights and Communication in a Fraction of the Time

    "With our old data analysis platforms, it was taking the analyst roughly four and a half hours to pull all of...

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