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Learning HQ

Knowledge is Power.

Every Nuqleous® product is designed with precision and purpose. And while we’ve worked hard to create intuitive programs that deliver actionable results right out of the box, each of our software solutions has in-depth features and capabilities that can increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Learning HQ offers engaging courses and content, revealing the full extent of each solution’s power.


Your Exclusive Resource for Retail Intelligence

Learning HQ provides a wealth of knowledge and information in a self-paced, online format that lets you learn whenever it’s most convenient. Whether you’re logging in from work, home, or on the road, you can enjoy unlimited access to industry experts through video content, training courses, and various learning resources.

Taking the educational process a step further, we also designed Learning HQ to encourage collaboration within the user community. By logging into our secure application, you can interact with other users, view content, and share content of your own.


What You’ll Find in Learning HQ

Narrated videos & training courses for every Nuqleous product

Course catalog for additional learning opportunities

Build basics with supporting documents & videos

Tips & tricks to enhance product use & effectiveness

Powerful search function for all content

Nuqleous insights & industry news

With so much information, it’s only natural to have questions. That’s why Learning HQ also includes a FAQs page and an “Ask Our Experts” feature, where you can post questions directly to experts, addressing specific areas where you may need help.

Coming Soon

The Nuqleous team is always working to find new ways to add value to your team and your business. Stay tuned for Learning HQ updates that include:

  • Certifications
  • Live Webinars
  • Client Champion Level Training
  • Onboarding Module

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