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    Jun 06, 2024

    Nuqleous Expands Capabilities with Strategic Acquisition of Shiloh Technologies

    Strengthening its leadership position in the market by enhancing data integration capabilities, analytics, and retailer-centric solutions


    Bentonville, AR, June 6, 2024 - Nuqleous, a leader in big data, retail analytics, and space planning solutions, today announced the acquisition of Shiloh Technologies (“Shiloh”), the developer of ShilohNEXT, a next generation AI data analytics platform for retail. This acquisition empowers Nuqleous to accelerate the growth of its leading retail analytics solutions, strengthen its existing solution portfolio for the Walmart supplier and broker ecosystem, and expand its connected sources for syndicated data.

    Enhanced Leadership in Retail Analytics

    By integrating Shiloh's cutting-edge capabilities and deep domain expertise, Nuqleous solidifies its leadership position in retail analytics for category, sales, brokerage, and supply chain teams serving major retailers such as Walmart. By harnessing the power of advanced data harmonization and transformation capabilities, Nuqleous is uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched insights and strategic value to its customers, enhancing their ability to make informed, impactful decisions.

    “Our combined forces will push the boundaries of innovation for our customers more than ever before.” said Bill Kloza, Co-CEO of Nuqleous. “Together we offer intuitive, integrated insights and connectivity for retail and omnichannel data, providing our customers with more actionable insights to serve increasingly dynamic consumer preferences.”

    Strategic Vision for a Unified Platform

    This acquisition aligns Nuqleous’ strategic vision of creating a global, unified retail analytics platform, tailored for each retailer’s collaboration strategy, by integrating specialized applications that leverage cohesive data harmonization and orchestration engines. Nuqleous aims to transform the world’s retail data into actionable insights that enable intelligent decision-making on a global scale across every category.

    "Shiloh's innovative platform and world class team complements our existing solutions and team-members perfectly. Together, we will empower our customers with even more robust and expanded capabilities to drive their business success," said Garrett Levey, Co-CEO of Nuqleous.

    Expanded Services and Integrations
    • Shiloh is a Walmart Luminate Certified API Partner
    • Increased Connectivity to Retailers and Syndicated Retail Sources
    • Accelerated Development of our next generation of Predictive Analytics and Actionable Insights utilizing machine learning (ML) and AI capabilities
    • Extended Offerings for Organizations Seeking Self-Service and Integrated Data Solutions
    Commitment to Innovation and Customer Success

    "With the acquisition of Shiloh, we are not just expanding our technological capabilities but also enhancing the value we provide to our customers. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled data-driven insights is stronger than ever," said John Koisa, Vice President of Customer Success of Nuqleous.

    "We are excited to join forces with Nuqleous and bring our advanced analytics platform to a broader audience. This partnership will accelerate our shared goal of transforming retail analytics and helping our customers achieve new heights of efficiency and growth," said Britt Fogg, CEO of Shiloh.

    About Nuqleous

    Nuqleous is at the forefront of B2B SaaS, specializing in big data and retail analytics. Founded in 2013, Nuqleous is committed to providing retailers, CPG brands, and distributors with data-driven solutions that boost agility and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. 

    About Shiloh

    Shiloh developed ShilohNEXT, a next generation AI data analytics platform for retail. Founded in 1992, Shiloh delivers actionable insights from retail data through an innovative suite of BI solutions, providing a comprehensive SaaS engine for organizations to gain deep insights across all departments. Our mission is to optimize retail data value and business performance via enhanced retail intelligence. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Shiloh addresses the industry's dynamic needs, offering flexible analytics solutions. Over the past 20 years, we have collaborated with over 200 retailers and suppliers, streamlining processes and integrating diverse data sources to simplify demand data management.





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