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Game Changing Retail Software

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Nuqleous® provides innovative retail technology and industry expertise to help you simplify your space planning, enhance your retail analytics, and maximize your recovery of deduction claims.

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  • 200+ years

    of combined retail industry experience

  • 185,000+

    planograms optimized annually

  • 166 million

    average points of distribution processed

  • Shelf IQ
  • Spotlight
  • Streamline

Data Driven Solutions for Retail Planning Precision

Successful retailers and consumer product companies rely on accurate, accessible data. Our innovative software delivers faster results with a higher degree of accuracy, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and value-added activities.

Shelf IQ

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Shelf IQ

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Scalable Solutions for Smarter Planning

Shelf IQ / Space Planning

Space planning can be time-consuming, especially with complex planogram software and manual item placement. Shelf IQ® provides a cost-effective, user-friendly application that lets you quickly analyze shelf arrangement and automate planogram development, minimizing time investment and maximizing your team’s productivity.

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Refined Analytics for Richer Detail Data

Spotlight / Retail Analytics

Successful retail companies rely on the effective analysis of complex data. Spotlight helps you unlock the power of your retail data. While daily downloads and aggregation are essential, they can absorb valuable time and effort. With its rich, out-of-the-box content, ad hoc reporting, efficient workflows, and mobile capabilities, Spotlight delivers actionable insights and accurate store item day data in a fraction of the time it takes to perform a manual analysis.

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Automated Deduction Management for Increased Margins

Streamline / Deductions Management

As your business grows, triangulating data from deduction claims, purchase orders, and shipments can be overwhelming. But despite its difficulty, effective deduction management is one of the most straightforward ways to boost your margins. Streamline deduction management software saves you hours of research by providing fast, accurate, repeatable reporting and validation algorithms that allow you to present a strong, fact-based case for disputing claims.

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Introducing Learning HQ

We started by designing intelligent software solutions that simplify space planning, retail analytics, and deductions management. Now, with Learning HQ, we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to access the content and information they need to accelerate the learning curve and maximize those solutions.

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Innovation Powered by Partnership

Read real-world examples of how Nuqleous customers are automating their most time-consuming business processes and devoting more time to value-added activities that move the needle.

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Case Studies

Shelf IQ® has provided outstanding productivity benefits for my team. More than the tool itself, the service, expertise, and partnership that comes from working with Nuqleous® have proven invaluable to us.

Christine Peplinski Former Director of Category Management

We have standardized our process and improved our settlement rate to 90%, an improvement that allowed us to reclaim millions of dollars over the last few years.

Senior IT Manager

We needed a space planning platform that’s flexible and user-friendly, one that could be adapted quickly to accommodate planograms in any one of our 20 categories. Shelf IQ® has been that solution.

Justin Bourlon KraftHeinz

With our old data analysis platforms, it was taking the analyst roughly four and a half hours to pull all of the data and put it together. By using Spotlight, they were able to accomplish the same work in ten minutes.

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