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    Jun 11, 2024

    Nuqleous and TR3 Unite to Elevate Retail Analytics with Expanded Connectivity in North America and Europe

    Strategic acquisition positions Nuqleous as the only global end-to-end retail analytics solutions provider for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) suppliers

    Bentonville, AR, June 11, 2024 - Nuqleous, a leader in big data, retail analytics, and space planning solutions, today announced the acquisition of TR3, a market leader in retail and supply chain analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Suppliers. This strategic acquisition expands Nuqleous's platform connections to over 100 retailers and broadens its suite of analytics solutions for CPG suppliers of all sizes and categories. Additionally, this acquisition significantly extends Nuqleous's global reach, enhancing connectivity and capabilities in key markets including North America and Europe. As a result, customers will benefit from deeper insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities within a unified, centralized platform.

    Differentiated Supply Chain Capabilities

    TR3’s platform supports diverse business models such as private label, direct store delivery, category captains, direct import, and omnichannel operations. Its advanced data management and integration capabilities streamline replenishment and optimize shipping, reducing the time spent on data compilation.

    “TR3’s supply chain capabilities are transformative for our customers,” said Garrett Levey, Co-CEO of Nuqleous. “Automating replenishment and providing real-time, actionable data enables faster responses to retailer demands. Generating orders in minutes rather than hours helps prevent lost sales and drive significant revenue. Our combined solutions will streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance business performance.”

    Expanded Offerings to Serve Diverse Customers

    TR3’s cloud-based platform excels in ease of use and actionable analytics, supporting various business functions like replenishment, logistics, sales, marketing, eCommerce, and category management. With TR3’s integration, Nuqleous will enhance its ability to deliver comprehensive, real-time insights that boost business performance across leading global retail channels.

    “This acquisition represents a significant step forward for both our companies. Together, we can provide comprehensive, scalable solutions that address the unique needs of our diverse customer base, from enterprise CPGs to small and medium-sized businesses,” said Bill Kloza, Co-CEO of Nuqleous. “Our retailer-centric approach, tailored to recognize the distinct needs of each retailer, will transform the market, empowering our customers to make data-driven decisions with confidence.”

    Driving Business Optimization with TR3's Platform

    The combined extensive library of retail connectors from Nuqleous and TR3, now the largest in the retail analytics market, enables Nuqleous to better serve both small and medium-sized CPGs and enterprise customers working with multiple retailers. This partnership enhances connectivity and provides precise retailer-centric insights across all departments, solidifying Nuqleous’ leadership in retail analytics.

    “Joining Nuqleous is an exciting milestone for TR3 and our customers.” said Tom Rauh, CEO of TR3. “This partnership ensures positive changes with no disruptions to personal or customer experience. Nuqleous and TR3 combine to deliver a true end-to-end solution for Consumer Goods suppliers, with data support for more than 100 retailers. We have a laser focus on quickly delivering ROI by improving retailer performance metrics, reducing logistics costs, and enhancing operating efficiency. This is exciting news for our customers.”

    Trusted by thousands of brands, TR3's platform streamlines replenishment and shipping, empowering businesses to optimize shipments and reduce out-of-stocks, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

    “Integrating with Nuqleous allows us to enhance our offerings and better serve our customers' evolving needs,” said Dan Gallagher, COO of TR3. “This collaboration brings together our strengths to deliver powerful, user-friendly solutions that drive business optimization and efficiency. We are committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, and together with Nuqleous, we will continue to push the boundaries of retail analytics.”

    About Nuqleous

    Nuqleous is a pioneering provider of retail space planning and performance analytics software, driving supplier success at the world’s largest retailers. Founded in 2013, Nuqleous is dedicated to enhancing business operations through data-driven insights and innovative technology solutions.

    About TR3

    TR3 is a leading provider of retailer analytics for Consumer Goods Suppliers. Founded in 2005, TR3 offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform that delivers actionable insights across all aspects of retail data. Committed to innovation and customer success, TR3 helps businesses optimize their performance through enhanced retail intelligence.



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