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Build more accurate planograms. Faster. With less effort.

Shelf IQ® is a simple-to-use, no-code solution that automates your space planning activities.

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Fastest, most accurate, flexible, and easiest to use planogram automation software.

No scripting. No development. No IT.

Unprecedented speed, precision, and accuracy.

See how Shelf IQ can transform the way you do planogramming.

Take action on planograms interactively with automation.

Leverage 150+ customizable actions such as updating assortment, creating floating shelves, and highlighting issues to optimize your planogram drawing.

Apply changes to thousands of planograms in seconds.

Take action on thousands of planograms without opening a single file.

Generate planograms to meet your strategy.

Create planograms top-down with templates or bottom-up by combining subcategory planograms.

Load and extract data from thousands of planograms in minutes.

Simply integrate your performance and product data with just a few clicks using a step-by-step workflow.

Use workflows to easily customize planogram actions.

Guided workflows to build actions and processes that are specific to retailer and category planning strategies.

Evaluate planogram performance and changes.

Report planogram performance, alignments, and shelf changes down to the lowest level of item/shelf granularity.

What Shelf IQ can do for you.


Faster, more accurate planograms.

Automate the most repetitive aspects of planogram development, like updating data & assortment on 1000’s of planograms quickly and accurately.


Unlock team capacity.

Manage, update, and validate all planograms with one process to save time and resources allowing you to invest in other high-value activities.


Real-time decision-making action.

Make surgical, real-time decisions with actionable intelligence including identifying and addressing exceptions, and responding to marketplace opportunities and disruptions with quick planogram revisions.


Educational Resource

Build best in class planograms by avoiding these 5 pitfalls.

We've analyzed the 5 most common challenges teams make in planogramming and offer more than two-dozen tips on how you can make your next planogram relay the best one yet.

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Explore our Shelf IQ FAQ

Absolutely. Shelf IQ is being used by some of the world's largest retailers. They trust Shelf IQ because it easily manages large item counts, provides dynamic assortment, and store-specific planograms. Furthermore, they can match it to fit their unique merchandising approach.

Yes. Shelf IQ is flexible and saves enormous amounts of planning time, no matter what approach you take.

That's the beauty of our Shelf IQ solution. You don't have to. Think of it as a supercharger add-on--that doesn't need IT to make it work.

Let's talk. Shelf IQ provides an ever-growing suite of more than 150 powerful, customizable features and actions that provide immediate value to any size project.

Shelf IQ installs in seconds and comes with quick start tutorials to help you get started with Shelf IQ. You also get access to our Customer Success team for onboarding, training, and support.

The Nuqleous team has a well-practiced, in-person or zoom-based training program. You are going to love it.

Our onboarding program is tailored for your unique team, complete with weekly trainings, self-service training in our online learning platform Learning HQ, and a consulting team to ensure your team is ready to use Shelf IQ.

Nope, Shelf IQ works with Space Planning as an add-on capability to increase speed and accuracy of planogram work.

Yes. Shelf IQ works with planograms in select CKB instances or flat files!

Shelf IQ updates every 2 weeks! Updates get automatically applied to your PC (no IT help needed).

Expand Your Expertise with Learning HQ

With intuitive design and easy-to-use automation, Shelf IQ enhances your space planning from the very first use. If you're ready to dive deeper and learn all the ways Shelf IQ can help you make the most of your space planning, visit Learning HQ today!

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