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Space Planning

Shelf IQ®:
Scalable Automation for Smarter Planning

Designed to help retailers and suppliers develop their planograms with greater efficiency and precision, Shelf IQ® enhances productivity by enabling users to automate the most repetitive aspects of the planogram development process. Additionally, this innovative planogram software, which works in conjunction with the JDA Space Planning solution, offers in-depth analysis tools that provide planning insights, which lead to more intelligent shelf-planning.

Shelf IQ Features

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Analyze. Optimize.
Automate. Evaluate.

Shelf IQ® planogram software transforms your planning and development by analyzing your shelf layout, optimizing your space plan, automating your planogram build and evaluating your results.

Analyze your shelf layout

Examine labels, tables, charts, and interactive graphs to make data-informed placement decisions.

See Shelf IQ in action: Analyze

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Optimizing your space plan

Follow guided processes to review planograms and take strategic actions.

See Shelf IQ in action: Optimize

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Automating your planogram build

Complete bulk item swaps, remove deleted items, and perform product placement with dynamic decision trees, in a matter of seconds

See Shelf IQ in action: Automate

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Evaluating your results

Leverage visual tools to evaluate the quality of your planograms and ensure alignment to your category goals.

See Shelf IQ in action: Evaluate

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With intuitive design and easy-to-use automation, Shelf IQ enhances your planogram process from the very first use. But it's so much more than a planogram development solution. If you're ready to dive deeper and learn about all the ways Shelf IQ can transform your space planning, visit Learning HQ today!

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