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Retail Analytics

Refined Analytics for Richer Retail Data

From inventory levels and daily sales to forecasts and supply chain performance, retail data contains a wealth of information that is as complex as it is valuable. Collecting retail data is important, but effective analysis is essential if you want to succeed in the competitive marketplace. By leveraging decades of retail experience and best practices, Spotlight automates your retail analytics process and delivers ready-to-go, ready-to-share information that shows you where to focus in order to drive value into your business.

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Elevate your
Retail Analytics

Spotlight helps you unlock the power of your retail data through dynamic analytics reporting tools, automated data management, customized demand plans and workflows, and convenient mobile access.

Dynamic Analytics Reporting Tools

Whether you use its core analytics to zero-in on opportunities or customize your own business rules to extract specific results from the data, Spotlight’s interactive retail analytics software gives you the ability to create sharable reports that provide data-driven insights.

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Automated Data Management

Spotlight’s automation reduces the time it takes to manage your retail data. With a single login, your analytics team can connect directly to your data, customize how they view the information, and review regular data audits to ensure accuracy.

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Mobile Access

Ideal for field employees and executives, Spotlight’s mobile capabilities provide instant access to harness the power of Spotlight no matter where they are.

See Spotlight in action: Mobility

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